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hypnotics + dreams - Unrefined Dreams
March 14th, 2010
12:16 pm


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hypnotics + dreams

so last night i started on Trazodone, its pharmacology is really interesting an like most psych med the dont really know exactly how it works. its like a weak SSRI with a 10 -19 hour sedation and hypnotic trip. Usually I can never remember any of my dreams. last night I had an extremely vivid dream and remember it. it felt like a weekends worth of memory (time-dilation) and when i woke up it was really hard to figure where i was out what was real, as the Trazodone was still going in my system. taking it around 10pm would help. Remembering the dream with such emotion and Technicolor was something i have never really experienced before. ive played with mild hypnotics before, this stuff is goddamm powerful. It also has the nice side effects of causing appetite reduction and erections at the drop of hat, the opposite of most of the meds ive been on.

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